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About IABM

Over 70,000 news papers and over 500 satellite channels in several languages and with over 100 million copies of print paper sold every day, TRP and revenue has taken the front seat, but such robust growth, many believe, may have come at the cost of accuracy, journalistic ethics and probity.
The media has taken some flak in recent months for being shallow, inaccurate and sometimes damagingly obtrusive. One is about professional laxity which leads to inaccuracies and mistakes. The other, he says, is a class bias in the choice of what news to cover and what to ignore. There is now the culture of non-stop breaking news and, some fear, the transformation of news into a commodity.
Most seriously, there is the scourge of what is called paid news, which involves influential people
Today there are narratives rather than news, Campaigns rather than documentaries and we have a group of few intellectuals who are always out to malign individuals, religion, political parties and even country under the camouflage of these campaigns.
Now the biggest question was how to stop this?
Then we thought to start an organisation which directly hits and is answer to the narratives and campaigns which are product of fake news, aired by Media houses and also on individuals who carried these on Social Media. As With every day going by, us the common citizens of India who are educated and logical felt being suffocated, branded, degraded and always on target, we, our religion, our beliefs are on the target always.

Then India Against Biased Media (IABM) was incepted and IABM is committed to always keep the Constitution of our Country at the top and anyone who tries to create a false narrative which goes against the constitution or constitutionally held chairs, make them aware, and if still not understanding, take the valid route of Law for making them understand the Law.
IABM is all out to upheld the Constitution of India, To Fight against Fake news / Dedicated Narrative To fight against Derogatory Message for Constitutional chairs, to fight for the sovereignty of India To fight against Provoking Religious thoughts, to fight for biased narrative against Hindu IABM is now doing the work by Keep eye on all kind of media, whether electronic, social or print, Check for false narratives or derogatory remarks against individuals who represent India and are on constitutional chair, make the person aware of his / her mistake and request to put the same down.
If not done, then take the legal route as defined in our constitution for truth to prevail.
The Team comprises of people who are already raising their voice against these activities and are from varied backgrounds like Professionals, Self Employed, retired etc. These professionals are from varies fields and all working together to reach the common goals.


Advocate Vibhor Anand

" Today 's Problems are Results of Yesterday 's Indecisions " ; Indecision Erases the Opportunity , Let 's Do It .



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