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Co-Founded in 2018 by Advocate Vibhor Anand.
                                                                                                         .....Correcting Indian Media Legally !

Media has a virtuous place in Indian constitution as it is a fourth pillar. It has all or more rights as the other constitutional bodies have. Since beginning, Media played a significance role from Freedom Struggle till Independence and subsequently during Emergency in 1975 and list a few. Media has brought about many chronological changes to the society and nation as whole. It started its journey from Pamphlet, Print Media, Dramatics, Plays, Silent Movies to Electronic Media. Over the years media has turned from voice of select to voice of masses more significantly since entry of Social Media through internet. It has also matured from just a informative/reportage to voicing for & against good or mal practices in governance & business etc. Most recent changes witnessed in media is voice of common people for and against the mal-practices in media, bringing media under public scrutiny.In current scenario Media has taken strong place as opinion maker and many times played role of peace maker & peace disrupter as well. This has happened as today’s media is somewhere much biased than before, even fake many times. They just act as their ecosystem allows. They don’t hesitate to propagate or misinform people by showing part of the news and responsible to create violence and chaos which causes disturbance in social & religious harmony and threat to sovereignty of India. It is ripe time for responsible citizens to come forth to bring media on its right path for which they are responsible & exist, as they have some how gone on misguided path.


Advocate Vibhor Anand

" Today 's Problems are Results of Yesterday 's Indecisions " ; Indecision Erases the Opportunity , Let 's Do It .



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